saran wrap, candle wax and pins


This girl takes them all!Naturally we are going to whip this one, but they don't usually take it on the hands. She does. He yanks her by the hair.Candle wax flows freely as this touch cookie handles I without a whimper. You gotta admire that. Clothespins on her labia she handles that, too. Feather duster? Mm hm. Even nipple maltreatment. She is ticklish so our man makes the most of that, eliciting helpless giggles from her.Later she is bound with plastic wrap as she lays across a narrow elevated board. And into her his eye go the pins. She does not cry out. Like I said: a tough cookie this one. The small strap gets a reaction, but you know she can take more. Next time!

Date: December 8, 2016
Lovense Max