red hair, red ass, tattoos


We really like girl on girl spanking, particularly when the one getting spanked has some kind of tacky wig or, worse, hair coloring. This is a doctor who uses her hand before she brings out the strap. Redheads panties are at her ankles along with her white socks. When she gets off the doctors lap she buries her head in the couch while the strap continues to make her ass cheeks match her hair color. While her top is still on, it is pulled up displaying her back tattoo and, of course, her tits. The baby cat seems to bring her even more distress as her nipples perk up. Her lip piercing shows us even more about her character, as does her ankle tattoo which peeks out of her sock. She deserves even more punishment than she gets.

Date: January 12, 2018
Lovense Max