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Another spanking classic is here and it features some nice girl on girl spanking videos. It starts with this brunette here making a terrible mistake and if she doesn`t want to lose her job, she must do everything that her lesbian boss tells her to do even if it includes her stripping down to her undies. When she takes of her skirt and reveals a real sexy undergarment that bares the cheeks of her ass, her lesbian boss can`t help but want to put her hands on those buns. Her boss tells this scared brunette to lay down on her knee and starts brutally slapping her ass before her boss stands up and then pushes her down on the leather sofa so that she could really see the way this brunette would take the hard trashing she was getting. It seemed that this lesbian boss is far from done as she even gets her cane out and starts whipping this scared brunette. Canings has always been this lesbian chicks favorite way of punishing her employees and before she even forgives this brunette, she takes a picture of this brunette`s red swollen ass as a reminder of the harsh spanking punishments she could give.

Date: December 7, 2016

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