Mia is Vulnerable Beginning


Mia is Bondage pleasure ordeal begins in a tough strappado, Her elbows and wrists are brought together and pulled up high to the ceiling. A spreader bar is attached to her ankles. She is wearing a black evening gown. A hair tie has her hair and head pulled back into a subservient position. Mia likes having her ass whipped. So I flog it and then take up the thumper as well. Punishing that ass. Watching it recoil beneath the efforts. She is clearly becoming more and more distressed from the position. Later, now in the standing position, she is attached to the ceiling by her chest harness, arms tied behind her back. One leg is pulled to the ceiling via a rope just behind the knee. We find her in this predicament, head thrown back, eyes closed, and she is telling us how good the vib feels. Soon we see her pelvis reaching for a better spot. Her body language suggesting a more sensual experience than her face is. She bites her lower lip, closes her eyes toward a state of ecstasy and her breathing is labored. Sweat begins to fall down her face and she is emitting sounds of agony? Next up for Mia we see her bound onto the floor. Her elbows and wrists are brought together and bound to the ceiling. Her legs spread and bound outward. In this position she has the ass hook inserted. Once it was in I tied it off to her hair just to make certain she should feel every move of the hook as she was flogged, whipped and fuck stick d. I made certain I tied off that ass hook to her hair in such a way as to keep her head completely pulled up off the floor. Afterward, I popped the Hitachi right on her cunt so as to keep her in a heightened state of arousal. Big Blue is back in her cunt. So much pussy juice is leaking from her cunt Im thinking she is already cum. She swears otherwise. I take out the riding crop and begin to wail on her backside. I repeatedly hit the same spot over and over again. She is completely immobile and cannot get away, cannot move a single inch to remove herself from the focus. We watch her process this pain.

Date: December 6, 2016

Lovense Max